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Proactiv Feedback

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"My mother noticed right away. She was like, ‘Oh my gosh! Your skin looks great.’ My biggest compliment has just been women that I interact with saying, ‘Wow. You have really beautiful skin.’ I still can’t believe it ‘til this day. At thirty I feel like I know myself and I have confidence in myself and my ability. But using Proactiv® has given me more self-confidence in how I appear to others and how, you know, my appearance is in the world. You automatically get it every two months so I never have to be without it. It’s great. As I’m using this one, my next one comes. And then I use up that supply and then I have my fresh supply waiting for me...You don’t ever want to be without it. That’s how I feel about Proactiv. I don’t ever want to be without it. I would say, try it. You have nothing to lose... Try it and see if it works for you... When I washed my face I’d just be like, ‘Wow.’ I care about what people think about when they see me and after using Proactiv, I am sure that people see me differently than they would have. Because of the confidence that I have... just my natural skin without make up, I’m sure that I carry myself a little bit differently... I come from a family of women with beautiful skin... But now I feel like I’m joining the ranks. As my relationship with Proactiv has grown, Proactiv has actually grown. And now they have like all of these wonderful, extra pampering products and, you know, products for people who have different needs... Proactiv has just given me a perfect balance for my skin. I just feel so good about myself. Like I always admired people who can just be like, ‘Fresh face for the world.’ You know? A little bit of color here and here and then just run out. Well, that’s where I am now... It just feels awesome. It feels wonderful... Every day I see Proactiv. Every day I think about it. Every day I remember what it used to be and every day, I’m thankful for what I have now."

Proactive  Feedback

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