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"I noticed a difference myself. I was just wondering if anyone else had noticed it. And from someone seeing me before I had acne and then to the time … just a couple weeks after I started using it, she just looked at me and you know, her eyes lit up and she was, you know, ‘Wow. Your face looks great.’... That was the best compliment I ever got. Looking at my face now, you can’t tell that I used to have bad acne all over my chin and I used to have scars and it’s just great not even having to worry about that. It was one less thing to worry about. From the first time I started using it I noticed a difference. My skin was smoother and I also had a lot of scars, which I don’t know where they are now. They’re gone. Proactiv must have done something to get rid of them... Order Proactiv just because it will work for you. And it worked for me... And I’ve tried many other things and it’s the only thing that has ever worked for me and really made a difference in my life. Well now after using Proactiv, my boyfriend is allowed to touch my face now and I don’t mind and he’ll just compliment me and say, ‘Wow.’... it’s so smooth and it just never was before."

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