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23 year old woman gives her Proactive review

After just using Proactiv once, my skin felt so great, it was so different than a lot of the other products that I had tried. My skin wasn’t dried out, it wasn’t red. Proactiv just gave me an overall good feeling after using it. My skin felt very nice. I mean, granted, my breakouts didn’t go away after just that first wash, but my skin just felt nice, it felt clean and nice, it was a great feeling.

Right away, I noticed, probably after a couple of weeks, I noticed my whole skin texture changing. It became nice and smooth, the pores on my nose weren’t as large as they had appeared, my pimples were becoming less frequent, I started breaking out less and less. And when I did they weren’t the deep painful ones, more just surface acne, and my skin became pretty good.

Uh, well, Proactiv to me is definitely, it’s been such, like I said, a big confidence booster. It’s so simple to use, it’s such an easy thing to do and it makes such a big difference in your life. I mean, in the morning and at night, that’s the only time I think about it and it makes my entire day so much better for three minutes in the morning and three minutes at night, it’s very, it’s a wonderful, wonderful thing to feel that good.

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Proactiv Skin Care Products

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