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Using Proactive changed the life of this 25 year old woman – review

When I realized that my face was clearing up because of Proactiv and I looked in the mirror and the acne wasn’t there and it wasn’t a new breakout area everyday it was amazing. It was a moment where you sat down on the bed and you gave a good cry and you got up and you looked in the mirror, cause is it real? Is this, is this really my face? Am I looking at it? And you touch it, and it’s like, it’s smooth! It feels smooth! And, it was great, it was very exciting. I ran around the house to every family member that’s in the house, look, look! It’s clear, it’s clear! It’s great, it was a great moment, it really was.

Having clear skin has changed my life by giving me the confidence that I should have had from the get go. I mean, I wasn’t concerned about walking down the street when someone looks at me, I know they’re looking at me, they’re not looking at that breakout, they’re not looking at my acne. They’re looking at me as the person, not my acne. And it, it gave me the confidence, so, I can hold my head up high and walk down the street and not worry about, oh my gosh, are you looking at something on my face over here, over here, over here, you know, I can walk down the street and know you’re looking at me because I look good today.

20 year old girl becomes a different person after using Proactiv

After using Proactiv, I became a totally different person. I’d walk down the halls in school, and people would notice me. And the people who didn’t notice me before would, you know, all of a sudden pay attention. I’m like all right, I don’t need people like you, then, because obviously you’re superficial. I became me again, I became very outgoing, I became Brittany, the same person I always was, the happy, wild, crazy, go up and talk to anyone. I had all my confidence back. Proactiv changed my life in a very big way, it, it made me the person I am today.

I would recommend buying Proactiv because it changes who you are. I mean if you’re dealing with acne and, and you think that it might not work, just try it. It takes away all the the acne on your face. It makes you a different person, it makes you back to the person you were before you were diagnosed with acne.

18 year old teenager with full blown acne much improved after using Proactive

I’m an 18 year old girl and have heard comments about the glow of Proactiv. My face was very difficult, and the rest of my skin was very difficult to handle because I had terrible full-blown acne but dry skin, so it was a very hard combination to treat, and Proactiv not only has the strength to be able to treat it, but it has a gentle factor to it, so that my face really does start glowing but it’s not oily at all.

Yeah, it’s been the first time in my life that people have started to tell me that my face looks great. I mean, come on, me? For the longest time I was the girl who people would say, you know, maybe you should put a little concealer over that or, mm, maybe you shouldn’t put so much makeup on over that, or, you know, they would just make comments about my acne and they would just make comments about things about my face that I didn’t believe were a part of me. And Proactiv was really able to help take that acne away so people could start to see me as a person and not see my acne.

27 year old female has soft skin after using Proactiv

The first time I used Proactiv I just noticed in the first wash that my face was soft, my skin was soft, and then uh, it progressed over a few days, it just, my skin just kept looking better. The pimples weren’t all the way gone but it was looking and feeling so much better, it was softer and my pores seemed to be getting smaller, uh, which I like a lot and I especially like the soft skin, having soft skin and not oily skin in one patch and dry skin in another patch, so. Uh, it was about I’d say a week before I really, really really noticed like, wow, you know, my, my skin is actually getting really clear. Uh, it was a few days after my first time when I noticed that it was getting softer and it was starting to look better, but then it was only about a week when I realized that my skin was actually getting very clear, and I was like, wow, this stuff is really working, this is awesome. So I was, I was very pleased with the results, how fast it was.

Proactiv has definitely changed my life, yes. I can finally be myself and uh, I’m actually gonna start school in the fall so I’m very excited about that, of meeting new people and going to school to be a massage therapist, so I will be working with people, I won’t have to be worried about my skin. So Proactiv has definitely, definitely changed my life and I’m very grateful for it.

19 year old teen uses Proactive and is now happy about his face

Proactiv’s got cool boxes, I mean, it’s a weird little thing but I do notice it. Opened it up and I’m thinking, wow this is a weird thing, there’s three different bottles and what do you use them for, and read the directions as much as I ever read directions, and began just started twice a day morning and evening I’d wash my face and then put the toner on and then the [repairing treatment] and then in the morning I’d put on the moisturizing lotion because I’m always out in the sun and need some sunscreen. It took awhile for me to notice, I, I saw, I’d say really started seeing results in about three weeks. My acne began to clear up, and it didn’t happen overnight but slowly and surely it got less and less and I kept using it and tried never to miss a day and all of the sudden, I mean, here I am, and every once in awhile I’ll get a couple of pimples but nothing like before.

I feel great about my face, it’s, it’s nice to see people and people who knew me three years ago look at me and go huh there’s something different about you, oh wow your acne’s gone, I mean what what happened before you used to have, I mean they’re not as blunt as that, before you used to have a lot of pimples and look at you your face looks great it’s cleared up, and how, how did it happen, how did, how did you get rid of your acne? And I tell them about Proactiv, I mean especially people who are younger than me and I see going through the same thing, I try to tell them well there’s this stuff called Proactiv and it really works, I used to have acne worse than yours and it’s really helped me, so give it a try.

I love Proactiv. That’s, that’s the best way I can put it, I don’t know if there’s any more powerful way to put it, but I couldn’t, I couldn’t be me without it. I’m more willing to go out in public, to be myself, to hang out, to say what I want to say, to meet the people I want to meet, and now I don’t have to worry about what they’re going to think of me. I mean now I get to act how I want and enjoy myself and be outgoing and don’t have to worry about people looking at me and going huh this guy’s kinda fun but don’t really want to be seen in public with him, his face looks horrible. So, there’s no more of that.

If you don’t try it now you might never find Proactiv again, ever, and it’s the one thing that really will work for you. You can try anything else you want and maybe some things will work for a month, maybe they’ll work for two months but nothing’s going to work long term like Proactiv is. And if you don’t like it you can send it back and they’ll give you your money back.

36 year old woman says Proactive helped her hyperpigmentation go away

The first time I used Proactiv, I didn’t really, I didn’t really notice anything right away, like the very first time, to be honest. But I would say three days into using Proactiv, that’s when I started to see some significant changes. Like, for example, the redness started to really, uh, subside or at least I noticed it subsided, and a lot of the dead skin that was on my face as well, you could see that it was kind of sloughing off, you know? Uh, and my skin, within a week, I remember I was writing this all down in my journal so I remember really well, like a week in, it was uh, not tender to the touch anymore, which was really fast for me. You know, that’s amazing. And uh, a month in, it was getting more even, like the hyperpigmentation that was on my forehead and my cheeks and stuff, it started to go away, then it just kept getting better.

Since I started using Proactiv, I booked three national commercials and I booked a role, small role on a TV show and booked a play, I mean it’s been huge. I think mainly because my confidence is a lot better, and a lot more, more, you know, it’s stronger, I feel better about myself, so it’s good, it’s helpful. I’m less concerned about things like that, like I used to go into auditions going, oh my God, they’re gonna see this on my face, they’re gonna see that on my face, and that’s no way to go into that competitive type environment, worried about that. So in terms of my confidence, I have tangible evidence that it’s helped, you know, I don’t have to work a day job anymore, I think that’s proof.

36 year old woman has new boyfriend after using Proactive

That was the best thing I ever did, you know, was to try that, the Proactiv Solution. What’s funny about it is that I had a friend and one day she sent it to me as a Christmas present. And she didn’t tell me that she bought it for me. All of the sudden I got it in the mail and I just started using it. I was like, ‘Hey, okay, if someone put it in my mailbox, I don’t care. It’s mine. I’m going to use it.’ So I started to use it and my face started clearing up and she started to realize how my self-esteem was starting to come back. I was wanting to exercise and stuff.

Suddenly she goes, ‘I’m going to tell you something, but I hope you don’t get mad. But I’m the one who sent you that Proactiv.’ I said, ‘Really?’ She said, ‘I just didn’t want you to get offended.’ She goes, ‘I didn’t want you to be mad at me, you know.’ And I said, ‘Why would I be mad at you?’ I said ? She goes ‘Because I know you were very sensitive about your face and you tried not to talk about it.’ She goes, ‘But look at what it’s doing to your face.’ And I said, ‘Yeah, I did.’ So it was actually the most wonderful present that anybody could give me.

It completely changed my life, put me in a different perspective of life of what my purpose here is. And got a new job, got a new boyfriend, got engaged. Just a lot of positive things. Everything changed and it started within the first 2 months that I started to use the Proactiv. And for anybody who has problems with acne, it’s guaranteed to work. I mean, if you could see how I looked like before and just see what I look like now, it’s just – People say, ‘That’s not you.’ And it’s like, ‘Yeah, it is. It’s me.’

23 year old woman gives her Proactive review

After just using Proactiv once, my skin felt so great, it was so different than a lot of the other products that I had tried. My skin wasn’t dried out, it wasn’t red. Proactiv just gave me an overall good feeling after using it. My skin felt very nice. I mean, granted, my breakouts didn’t go away after just that first wash, but my skin just felt nice, it felt clean and nice, it was a great feeling.

Right away, I noticed, probably after a couple of weeks, I noticed my whole skin texture changing. It became nice and smooth, the pores on my nose weren’t as large as they had appeared, my pimples were becoming less frequent, I started breaking out less and less. And when I did they weren’t the deep painful ones, more just surface acne, and my skin became pretty good.

Uh, well, Proactiv to me is definitely, it’s been such, like I said, a big confidence booster. It’s so simple to use, it’s such an easy thing to do and it makes such a big difference in your life. I mean, in the morning and at night, that’s the only time I think about it and it makes my entire day so much better for three minutes in the morning and three minutes at night, it’s very, it’s a wonderful, wonderful thing to feel that good.

23 Year Old African-American Male Reviews Proactive

Guthy Renker Corporation

For African-Americans you know you have an issue of anytime you have a mark on your face it’s going to leave a darker mark behind it in the healing process that is not easy to be covered up, and one thing about Proactiv that helped me so tremendously beyond any product that I’ve ever used, is it not only cured the problem which was the acne but Proactive Solution actually removed the dark marks from my face, you know made it very smooth and very even and you know gave me a skin tone and a skin complexion that I can’t buy at a cosmetics store.

I talk to every one about Proactive almost to the point to where they don’t want to hear it anymore because I’m just so excited about a product that can really do something for everyone. I’ve not recommended it to anyone who has then used it and not saw some sort of result or been happy about the effects of Proactiv on their skin. I’ve talked to my best friend, my friend that was already using it when I use it I will now buy it for her in advance and give it to her as a present, my parents are on it now, the ones that used to tell me you’re picking at your face and causing your acne are now using the same product that I use, and it’s improved all of our skin.

High school senior Proactive review

Guthy Renker Corporation

Seriously, these three products are amazing. No doubt about it. In the summer before my senior year of high school my face looked horrible. Throughout the beginning of the year my chin and cheeks were full of acne. My chin was the worst though. In October while I was working, a customer asked my mom (she worked with me) if I would be offended if she gave me the Proactiv beginner kit. Coming from her I wasn’t, but after she gave it to me and I was using it two times a day, I saw a difference in a week. I loved hearing from customers “Wow, your skin looks great, what have you been doing?” It put the biggest smile on my face and I said “PROACTIV!” For prom in May, my face looked flawless because of the 3-piece system. And up until now, I have not stopped using it. It is a miracle worker, and now I just have the dark spots from the acne I had. Which I am very sure will go away after I try the spot remover(I don’t remember the name for it). I would recommend Proactiv to ANYONE!

Proactiv Skin Care Products

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